Pizza Golf

Like Frisbee golf, but with pizzas, and in VR.

Requires a Vive and SteamVR to play. Written in Unity.

Made with a team as a class assignment. I coded the scoring system and car movement patterns.

This was a project for a VR game development course I took, where the assignment was to adapt a classic "lawn game" for VR. We chose frisbee golf, and were inspired by the frisbee-like shape of pizzas to create a game where you fling pizzas into a faraway oven.

This was the project where I really learned how to use Unity. I wasn't really comfortable in it before, but after this project I was the most experienced developer on all of the group Unity projects I worked on. I worked on various features like car movement and the scoring system. I actually developed several scoring modes, like total successes, accuracy %, and longest streak. "Longest streak" turned out to be the most effective at assessing players' ability to accurately throw pizzas, so that was the one we used for the main challenge.




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