Cough-ee Break

Take control of other people by getting them sick. Try to infect the whole office!

Written in Unity.

Made with a team in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018. I coded the movement and infection mechanics and contributed to the design.

This game was created for Global Game Jam 2018, where teams were given a prompt and had 48 hours to develop a game based on it. The prompt for 2018 was "transmission", and we decided to interpret it in the disease sense. Initially I suggested a game about shooting around between different stationary hosts like a game of golf, but my idea was misinterpreted as being about disease-carrying hosts that could walk around, which was a much stronger idea. Misinterpretation of others' ideas is, in my experience, a great source of inspiration.

I was the main developer on this game and did all the programming except the AI for non-infected people. This was the first project I worked on where I was responsible for splitting up tasks, and it was difficult to balance assigning work to others vs. just doing it myself. This is something I have improved upon since then, and in Zubenel (which I did with the same team) the distribution was much more even and effective.



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